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Accurity Valuations National Conference in Chicago

Accurity held its National Conference in Chicago on March 17th and 18th at the historic Palmer House Hotel.  It was another successful, well attended conference with representatives from the all of our Accurity Franchises across the country.  Prominent guest speakers and topics included: Nick Tillema - Yellow Book Standards, Jeff Bradford - Digital Transformation of the Appraisal Industry, Craig Capilla - Industry Requirements, Best Practice and Minimizing Risk, George Opelka - Desktop Appraisals, Tom Munizzo - Hybrid Appraisals, Creighton Cross - Commercial Evaluations, Rick Hiton - The New Green Building, Keith Ellis and TJ McCarthy - ANOW, Brooke Hunsaker - Accurity Outreach and Communication Toolkit.  Accurity also sponsored a booth at the ValExpo Conference, also held at the Palmer House on March 18th - 20th, to unveil the Accurity Advantage Program to the industry.  Thank you to all of our Accurity Team for your support and a special thanks goes out to Brooke Hunsaker, our Director of Communications and Marketing, for organizing another incredible conference!