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Troy Hudgins

Troy Hudgins - Director of Technology, Chief Appraiser

Troy Hudgins is a residential appraiser and a technology enthusiast.  With more than 30 year’s experience (25 in the Denver metro area), Troy has worked numerous capacities within the industry.  This includes both staff field and review positions with the nation’s two largest mortgage lenders, as well as numerous stretches as an independent appraisal provider and consultant.  Troy has completed numerous mortgage, relocation, foreclosure and eminent domain assignments. 

In an effort to provide mortgage lenders an alternative to appraisal management companies in Colorado, Troy recently teamed up with two fellow appraisers to create Valuation Network.  In turn Valuation Network has joined with Accurity Valuation of Chicago to elevate their presence to a national level.  Troy’s passion is to integrate current technology into the appraisal method, and he is currently involved in a project which will further automate much of the reporting process. 

Whether its photographing landmarks in Europe, camping and fishing in the Colorado mountains, biking nearby trails, or just grilling in his backyard paradise, Troy enjoys the great outdoors when not busy assisting his partners and clients.



AJ Jackson - Managing Director, Chief Appraiser

AJ is a persuasive, multifaceted strategist with an extensive background encompassing 25+ years in the appraisal, real estate and lending industries.  Throughout her career, AJ has successfully conceptualized, executed and supervised strategic initiatives for the valuation line of business.  She is considered a pivotal resource for business development and solutions, and has an accomplished track record of aligning organizations with superb client service and enterprise prosperity.

During her tenure with Bank of America and LandSafe Valuation Services, AJ spearheaded the industry changing Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) program in partnership with Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs), and thereby contributed to the company’s achievement of the top AMC compliance rating from Fannie Mae.  With advocacy for strong, collaborative relationships with all business units and associate levels, her endeavors have resulted in revered customer appreciation and peak appraisal team execution, ranking them as the company’s top performers in the nation.

AJ continues to cultivate her passion for the appraisal industry via enterprise promotion, project management, appraiser and vendor panel expansion, consultations, and professional appearances.  With a voluminous index of clients, business partners, and appraisers she’s worked with over the years, AJ continues to connect valuation opportunities and quality appraisal professionals throughout the country.