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Client Registration FAQ

What are the benefits of registering on Accurity’s Lender Ordering and Tracking Portal?

Registered members can order appraisals online directly through Accurity, including uploading any supporting attachments.  Lenders have “real time” access to status information on all appraisals associated with their account on a central dashboard.  You also get automated email notifications on:  Appraiser Assigned, Appraiser Accepted, Inspection Scheduled Date, Inspection Completed and Report Uploaded to Lender all in one place.  For those of you not using an appraisal management platform, the Accurity system also offers secure transmission of the appraisal report, and a a communication portal which allows us to exchange messages on orders.

Once I am a registered as a client on the website, how do I access appraisal status information?

Once you are registered, any orders you place through our portal are immediately added to automated notification.  Especially for your time sensitive orders - you know the moment the appraiser books the inspection.  Thosenotifications also have a link where you can check the order, click that link...  or simply go to our client login on the Accurity website.  The portal presents you with status cards for all your orders, neatly laid out in chronological order.  Clicking any of these cards in the portal will give you detailed information on that order including time stamps on every status change, date and time stamped files that we send you or you send us, and the final date and time the appraisal report was completed and submitted to you.

THIS IS GREAT, but could we add a feature to your automated notification service or dashboard?

We're constantly working to innovate our services and work with customers to find new ways to improve quality and efficiency.  Let's set up a conversation, and we'll bring in the right team members to help look at your needs.  In the last quarter, over 1,000 innovations were made to our core platform for appraisal management so we're constantly looking to improve.  While we can't guarantee we can make the change, we want to hear your suggestions and talk about how we can make your process more streamlined.